RDC may refer to:
In transportation:

Budd Rail Diesel Car
Railroad Development Corporation, an operator of railroads
Redditch railway station
Redenção Airport, with IATA code “RDC”

In science and technology:

Remote Differential Compression, a distributed file synchronization technology introduced with Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Vista
Remote Desktop Connection
Remote deposit capture, an electronic banking technology
Research Diagnostic Criteria
Residual dipolar coupling, a measurand in NMR-spectroscopy

In government:

Central African Democratic Rally (Rassemblement Démocratique Centrafricain)
Regional Development Corporation
Research & Development Corporation Newfoundland and Labrador
Rural district council
Resident district commissioner, a role in Ugandan district-level government


Representative Democratic Council
Red Deer College
Democratic Republic of the Congo (La République Democratique du Congo), a country in Africa
Recruit division commander, a drill instructor for the United States Navy
“Right down canyon” in Canyoneering

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